Learn how to correctly diagnose Hashimoto disease

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First aid in Hashimoto's

A mobile application supporting the comfort of everyday functioning with Hashimoto's symptoms and helping to achieve remission.

For who?

For patients

  • Get specialized and daily help on your way to remission
  • Get information about your health and possible causes with a few clicks and
    a brief analysis

For companies

  • Offer your employees the most advanced tool on the market to help manage Hashimoto's disease
  • Provide your employees with more than the standard medical package and increase their efficiency and
    well-being at work

Expert opinions

dr n. med. Tadeusz Oleszczuk

spec. gynecologist-obstetrician

"Hashiona is an application that explains why we have a thyroid problem. How to measure it, evaluate it and successfully control it. Based on the latest reports from scientific conferences, it explains the mechanism and dependencies. In this way, everyone has a chance to be professionally guided from diagnosis to treatment. Educating the patient allows for better treatment outcomes. If she understands the effects of diet, exercise, environmental conditions, stress and genes. This is due to contact with a team of specialists from various fields of medicine. Hashimoto's treatment is not only about prescribing consecutive doses of drugs, it is also about understanding and eliminating harmful factors. The application enables an effective and comfortable path to health and an improvement in the quality of life."

MD Miriam Mikicki

spec. in family and functional medicine

"In my holistic health clinic, I commonly see a wide range of patients presenting with thyroid disorders. Many feel lost after their initial diagnosis, whilst others struggle to see improvements with conventional care. Rightly so, as lately, there has been increasing scientific evidence about the impact of lifestyle. diet, sleep, stress and environmental factors on one’s thyroid. This is information that should be communicated to them in
a convenient, evidence-based way, and this is precisely what Hashiona does. Through Hashiona, one can easily access the latest clinical research about thyroid health in a convenient database and get personalized recommendations that can help many people on their way to recovery. I think the service empowers patients through education and support from clinical professionals to holistically improve their quality of life."

Do you know, that...


it takes an average for the diagnosis of Hashimoto.



of the population may struggle with thyroid disease during their lifetime.



Hashimoto's patients are at risk of developing a second and third autoimmune disease.




  • Acquire vital knowledge
  • Monitor your symptoms daily
  • Search for individual health patterns
  • Analyze graphs and identify symptom triggers
  • Cook tasty and healthy with our recipes
  • Share knowledge and experience with other patients on the forum

9,99 USD
per month

  • All features from the Standard package
  • Access to the “Step by Step to Remission” program for 1 month
  • You will implement subsequent sections of the program
  • You will develop your first habits
  • You will consolidate knowledge
  • You will continue your journey into Hashimoto's remission
  • You will achieve remission

99,99 USD
per year

  • Access to the "Step by step to remission" program for a year
  • You will complete all sections of the program
  • You will establish your habits
  • You will use the knowledge you have gained
  • You will achieve remission with one subscription
  • You will save the money

individual diet

50 USD

  • You will receive a diet based on the questionnaire
  • You will be under care of a Hashiona dietitian
  • You will find that the diet can be easy and tasty

individual diet

75 USD

  • You will develop healthy habits
  • You will be under the care of our dietitian
  • You will learn how to organize nutrition at home

30-day individual diet

100 USD

  • You will receive 1 checkup with a Hashiona dietitian
  • You will be under the care of a dietitian by e-mail for the whole month
  • You will effectively consolidate new eating habits

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